A place for individuals with disabilities to meet and network to share day to day hardships and triumphs.


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Welcome! Glad you found us.

Please join us, then simply click a tab above to write in the forum, post in the blog, chat with others with a disability, join or start a group,  post pictures or videos. Full Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr integration!!

( Don't worry, when you sign in or join you will see the photo. video, group tabs, and more) If you are looking for the give-a-way contest, It is in the forum section!!

Blog Posts

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: a social network for early modern Britain

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: a social network for early modern Britain
But, before the age of social media, how can we discover who knew whom and so, most likely, got to know what? A new digital humanities project, Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, has been created by Carnegie Mellon University and Georgetown University to …
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A Conversation With Sebastian Sobczak, Co-Found of Social Network Tsu
All social media platform rely on user generated content, be it photos, videos, tweets, Vines, etc. All of these things are what power social media networks, so the queston Sebastian Sobczak wondered, “Why aren't people being paid for the content they …
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Twitter down: Social network goes offline due to technical problems
Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users are believed to be affected today as the social network went down due to technical problems. Many of Twitter's 304 million users who tried to access the site were met with an illustration of a broken robot and the …
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Latest People With Disabilities News

'I Am the Most Fortunate Disabled Person'
Not many people living with disabilities have the privilege of growing up as one of the 'normal' kids. Forty-nine-year-old Cloete considers himself very lucky to be one of those people. "I am the most fortunate disabled person because I can do many …
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Winter Games brings good time to people with disabilities
Dozens of people were lined up to participate in this year's FGCU Winter Games, an event that unites university students and other students with disabilities to have fun and get active. The FGCU Winter Games commenced and came to a close Friday, Oct. 23.
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When 'helping' people with disabilities is patronising and rude
I'd just been at rehearsals for Quippings, a Melbourne-based disability performance troupe, where I'd been discussing disability politics, including the excessive niceness and pity thrust upon disabled people. I was looking at social media on my phone …
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Latest Disability Social Network News

Blind Girl Knitting
This has led them to focus on a social media and a web presence as well as exploring craft fairs as a way to sell to the wider public. Sarah and Johna … I want to try and help with disabilities and try to raise awareness about disability rights …
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A disabled woman's struggle is any woman's struggle
'The most pressing issues faced by disabled women are the ones faced by most women, except that when you're disabled, it adds another layer of discrimination,” says Eleanor Lisney, co-founder of the disabled women's network, Sisters of Frida …
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MassMutual Demonstrates Commitment to Policyowners, Reflects Financial
Americans today face challenges that are out of their control: a stagnant economy, volatile markets and instability around the globe. Couple that with the fact that life expectancy is growing, the social safety net is shrinking, and many people are …
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Uniqlo Honored for Commitment to Hiring People with Disabilities
… a panel discussion with actor David DeSanctis and director Chris Dowling of the feature film "Where Hope Grows" to talk about the media's role in more accurately portraying people with disabilities in film, TV and social media to shatter negative …
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Steven Foelsch is a Busy Advocate for People With Disabilities

Steven Foelsch is a Busy Advocate for People With Disabilities
I love the Cardinals and attend as many games as I can, and in my job I enjoy being with every person I work with — they are caring people committed to making the world a better place for people with disabilities.” In 1985 Steve broke his neck in a …
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Palo Alto companies making strides in hiring people with disabilities
Twenty-five years after the federal enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the law that was created to end discrimination against people with disabilities has failed to produce more employment, according to a U.S. Department of Labor …
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Lawsuit led to regular jobs for people with disabilities
Disability-rights advocates say many people like Krassow wouldn't have a competitive wage job if it weren't for new requirements brought about by a 2012 class-action lawsuit against the state of Oregon over violations of the Americans with Disabilities …
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Down but not out: 3 students with disabilities get university scholarships

Down but not out: 3 students with disabilities get university scholarships
Bryan Chong, Josiah Ong and Shalom Lim did not let their disabilities stop them from reaching for the stars. Despite growing up bullied and teased by their peers, they have gone on to receive the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship for …
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DOL and HHS Expand Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
According to a report, the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the Administration for Community Living signed a new memorandum of agreement to continue to expand and promote competitive, integrated employment for individuals with disabilities.
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New laws give property tax relief to veterans with disabilities

New laws give property tax relief to veterans with disabilities
More Illinois veterans and people with disabilities will have tax relief due to recently passed bills that expand property tax exemptions. Changes were made to the Specially Adapted Housing Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities, Property Tax Codes …
Read more on WREX-TV

More Help Needed for Syria's Disabled and Maimed
When I see images on my screen of Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe, I can't help but think of all the individuals in Syria with disabilities who can't swim, run, and jump on crowded trains to escape the horrors they've seen. Refugees are not refugees …
Read more on Huffington Post

Think the Disability Inclusion Movement Isn't About You? Think Again
Twenty-five years ago, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), ushered in a new era of opportunity and expectation for people with disabilities. But this landmark legislation paved just the start of the civil rights struggle for those with …
Read more on Huffington Post

GA Receiving Nearly .5 Million In Grants To Expand Job Opportunities For
“Our country succeeds when everyone is given the opportunity to succeed,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. “The grants we are awarding today will increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities by connecting them to job …
Read more on WJBF-TV

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Daniel Thompson

Being ignored

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If you live in the USA, you can find all kinds of information and answers on the federal governments disability website:


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