A place for individuals with disabilities to meet and network to share day to day hardships and triumphs.


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Welcome! Glad you found us.

Please join us, then simply click a tab above to write in the forum, post in the blog, chat with others with a disability, join or start a group,  post pictures or videos. Full Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr integration!!

( Don't worry, when you sign in or join you will see the photo. video, group tabs, and more) If you are looking for the give-a-way contest, It is in the forum section!!

Blog Posts

Latest Social Network News

Facebook Messenger's hidden code could reveal the social network's 'secret
According to tech site The Information , code hidden inside the app points to "secret conversations" that could be a part of Facebook's future plan for the service. Whatsapp (which is owned by Facebook) currently encrypts its messages and given the …
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Social network Brapp launched to find UK rap stars of the future, backed by
Producer Roni Size, rapper Chester P, singer Ayar Marar and DJ Vadim are among the stars that are currently using Brapp, and it is hoped that the new social network will allow talented artists to tap into global audiences. Founded by Pavan Mukhi from …
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Rhapsody debuts social network to match music lovers and improve discovery
rhapsody listener network The move to streaming music has overwhelmed us with too many choices to count. While we can find the entire back catalogue of an artist in seconds, finding one we actually like can be a bit harder. But a new music-focused …
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Social Network Startup Bckstg Signs Reebok as First Sponsor

Social Network Startup Bckstg Signs Reebok as First Sponsor
The concept of Bkstg is that artists will be able to engage with fans more directly and personally, creating their own exclusive content that followers wouldn't be able to find on other social networks. Last summer, the brand raked in $ 20 million in …
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What has Facebook got against Scunthorpe? Social network BANS promotion of
Facebook has allegedly banned its users from mentioning the word Scunthorpe in paid-for "boosted" posts. Few British people can have failed to notice the glaring rude word hidden within the name of this town. Now it appears that Facebook has also …
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Live sports games now streaming on social networks video – CNET
[MUSIC] Twitter is the best social network to chat about a live event, such as a sports game. But Twitter doesn't just wanna be where you talk about the game. It wants to be where you watch the game. Twitter struck a deal with the NFL to stream some …
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Social Media as an Investigative Tool

Social Media as an Investigative Tool
Social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, enable users to post photographs and commentary on the web. These applications have become a mainstream communication vehicle within our society, and increasing numbers of people …
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Mathematicians mapped out every “Game of Thrones” relationship to find the
Andrew J. Beveridge, an associate professor of mathematics at Macalester College, and Jie Shan, an intrepid undergraduate, decided to turn the world of the Game of Thrones books into a social network using network science, a branch of applied graph …
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There's a new social network where you can hang out with real people in
vTime, the first virtual reality social network, wants to make that possible. Developed by Starship Group, a VR/AR innovation company, the service launched on Google Cardboard on Mar. 11. and the app works on the Samsung Gear VR too. The social …
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Panama Papers: China censors social media and Russia lashes out – how the
But in China, where news outlets and social media is heavily censored by the Communist government, reports were conspicuously absent. Its state news agency, Xinhua, appeared to have only one report on its English language website, criticising New …
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Latest Social Network News

Twitter tanks as social network reveals user numbers have STALLED
A number of users announced they would leave social network, and many more tweeted their dismay using #RIPTwitter. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey attempted to quieten the backlash in a series of tweets that said Twitter will stay 'live' in 'real-time …
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NCET Tech Tips: 3 sites to monitor social media chatter
NCET explores business and technology. From the point of view of a business, social media is a conglomeration of potential customers. Instead of being able to speak to one person at a time, social media gives you the ability to engage potentially …
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After loss to Diaz, McGregor fights bashers on social media
UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor took to social media to respond to criticisms following his shock defeat at the hands of Nate Diaz this past weekend in Las Vegas. McGregor, 27, was choked to submission by Diaz in the main event showdown of …
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Latest Social Network News

Q&A about Enterprise Social Networks with IBM
What is your definition of a successful social enterprise? Why do companies consider forming an enterprise-wide social network and what are the biggest benefits? How are enterprise social networks used to share knowledge and increase innovation?
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A desi social network for every passion
Indian startups are challenging social media giants with networking sites focused on specific interests, from medical education to travel, fashion and marketing For many of us, `social media' means Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Some entrepreneurs …
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For better network adequacy measures, turn to social network analysis
A better solution, the blog post argues, would be to harness social network analysis, which studies the structure of relationships that link individuals or organizations. This concept reinforces the fact that network adequacy is not only about which …
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Latest Disability Social Network News

Facebook, Social Networks Opening Doors For People With Disabilities
For many with developmental disabilities, Facebook and other social networks are becoming a great equalizer, advocates say. The online medium can allow friendships to blossom in an environment where limitations are downplayed and there's less …
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Plan for cuts in disability benefits, but hope for the best
The future for Medicare and Social Security might not look bright at the moment, but it's particularly bleak for the government's disability insurance program. According to the Social Security trustees' report released last month, the disability …
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Learning disability: positive behaviour support offers an alternative to
Last week, NHS England called for an end to over-medicating people with learning disabilities (pdf). This follows a report by Public Health England that estimates up to 35,000 people with learning disabilities are being prescribed strong antipsychotic …
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Texas taking part in Obamacare program to help disabled adults live outside
… U.S. in providing services for people with disabilities, said Kyle Piccola, government affairs director for the disability rights group ARC of Texas. He and other groups say the root cause is legislators' general aversion to funding social programs …
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Latest Social Network News

The 2001 things we like most in the world, according to Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has something for everybody and most users come back for more and more multiple times per day. Sure, the company mishandled user privacy in the past, but it …
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Social network pioneer Friends Reunited closes down
Friends Reunited, the dotcom survivor that was once one of the world's most popular social networks, is closing down. Steve Pankhurst, who with his wife Julie dreamt up the idea for the site in 1999, wrote in a blog post that it was “time to move on …
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Daniel Thompson

Being ignored

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If you live in the USA, you can find all kinds of information and answers on the federal governments disability website:


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